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Features of Membership

Membership opportunities that save you money.

ACCO has a number of cost-saving programs, available only to ACCO members, which can make a remarkable difference in your bottom line and help you maintain your competitive edge – on business services you use every day.

Download a list of our Member Features here.

License Bond Program

The ACCO Bond Program allows members to purchase HVACR, plumbing, sewer and water bonds at a discounted cost for all municipalities in which they work. Our program is underwritten by Federated Insurance with the guidance and support of ACCO. To sign up or for more info, please contact ACCO at 800-353-2226 or mary@accohio.org

Speedway Fuel Program

The Speedway Fuel Program is a benefit that any ACCO member can use. ACCO members can save up to 5 cents per gallon of gas. Don’t worry if you have 1 or 2 trucks - your discount is based on the monthly consumption of all ACCO members.  

To sign up or for more info, please contact  Chris Nash / 937-863-6991 / cnash@speedway.com


Workers Comp Group

Workers Comp Group Rating Program Group rating enables ACCO members to receive discounts on workers comp by pooling their individual experiences with the experience of other employers in the group (Available to contractors and associates of any size).

To sign up or for more info, please contact Shane Castle at shane.castle@CareWorksComp.com or 800-837-3200, ext. 51575

Click here to view the NEW Group Rating Safety Accountability letter from the BWC (2016/2017)

ACCO Forum Network

ACCO Forum Network is an organized group of contractors that meet to share best practices and ideas. Forum members have one common objective – help improve each other’s business. Members do not compete in the same geographic market, which allows for full disclosure in a confidential, trusting setting. The members of each group meet on a regular basis to review company policies and procedures, technology, safety, education and training, advertising, customer input, operations and other topics of interest. To start a group or for more info, please contact Rocco Fana at rocco@accohio.org or 800-353-2226

Weekly Safety Lessons

Weekly Safety Lessons ACCO will help you implement a quality safety program for your company and your employees. ACCO’s Safety Lessons provide pertinent information and topics for your safety meetings. Lessons are available at www.accohio.org  and are emailed direct to you each week.

National Purchasing Partners

ACCO has partnered with NPP to receive discount pricing on several products and services. NPP negotiates the rates, and makes them available to construction companies throughout the country. This program is entirely free, and there is no obligation to purchase. To sign up or for more info, please contact Rachel Frazier at Rachael.Frazier@vmmc.org / 206-515-5214 or Nicholas Sievers at Nicholas.Sievers@vmmc.org / 206-515-5206

Amerisearch Background Check

ACCO has partnered with Amerisearch Background Alliance to provide you with secure and comprehensive background screening services. Members receive accurate information, quick turnaround, real customer service, easy-to-use delivery systems and competitive pricing. To sign up or for more info, please contact Mike Brown at mikeb@amerisearchbga.com or 800-569-6133

Sutton Leasing

Sutton Leasing is a National Fleet leasing company that handles all makes and models, imports and domestic, and is recognized by all manufacturers for all dealer incentives and rebates. ACCO members receive unmatched vehicle pricing through volume discounts, any make or model, competitive interest rates, flexible funding options and credit approval and disposal services to maximize resale value of ownership. To sign up or for more info, please contact Mark Francis at 954-481-8750

Office Depot

Members get exclusive 5% off program pricing, 15-30% off ink, copy paper & toner. Program discounts apply to orders placed online, by phone, by fax, or in any Office Depot retail store. To sign up or for more info, please contact Paulina Hayden at Paulina.Sztylka@officedepot.com or 312.404.0558.

Central Messaging

Members get 10% off base answering service rates. We’re proud to be working with Central Messaging, a 24-hour/7 day a week answering service with over 20 years of experience. All operators are extremely professional, courteous and well trained.  They understand the responsibility that goes along with answering your phones. To sign up or for more info, please contact TJ Levin at tj@centralmessaging.net or 866-409-8561

Worldpay Credit Card Processing

WorldPay credit card processing could save members up to 40% in savings for processing. After an initial review, Perry Pokrandt will recommend the program that best fits your needs. WorldPay will help you lower your costs and generate more revenue.

To sign up or for more info, please contact  Perry Pokrandt at Perry.Pokrandt@WorldPay.us or 715-272-1246

The Game Has Changed . . . How Changes in the Credit Card Processing Industry Put You at Risk     

Did you know…If you haven’t upgraded to EMV terminals for face-to-face transactions, you will be liable for a good portion of the charge-backs that banks were previously absorbing. Your liability starts when you swipe a chip card. If there is fraud or related activity, or simply the inclination of the homeowner to contest your charges on a swiped chip card, you — not the bank — will be liable.

Click here to continue reading the full article from our rep Perry Pokrandt with Worldpay, where an actual contractor was recently hit with a $42,000 charge-back. This article provides helpful information for protecting your business when accepting credit card payments.