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Our Leadership

Our Leadership.

ACCO is governed by volunteers that are elected to serve on the Board of Directors which directs policies and operations of the association according to its Bylaws. An Executive Committee is the policy, finance and steering committee and oversees affairs of the association between meetings of the Directors, subject to actions of the Board.

Here is our Board of Directors:

Executive Committee
  • President: Chris Tucker, Zimmer Heating & Cooling
  • President-Elect: Scott Mueller, Fairfield Heating & Cooling
  • Vice President: Tim Wolfe, Wolfe Innovations Heating & Cooling
  • Treasurer/Immediate Past President: Mike Aerni, Conserv-Air
  • Executive Director: Rocco Fana, Jr., ACCO


  • Jeff Reed, Custom Air
  • Mark Swepston, Atlas Butler
  • John Moore, Moore Air
  • Deborah Ratcliff, Ratcliff’s Heat & Air
  • Nate Alwood, Arrow Heating & Cooling
  • Brian Stack, Stack Heating & Cooling
  • Doug Jackson, Jackson Comfort Systems
  • Bobby Thompson, Kish Heating & Cooling