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2020 Award Winners Announced!

The week after our 2020 Convention and Expo in Cincinnati (Mar 4-6), COVID 19 officially hit the US and the State of Ohio implemented numerous stay at home orders and other recommendations to keep the population safe.  We were very fortunate to have our annual convention and expo when we did.  After those orders, the HVACR and Plumbing industry were listed as “essential infrastructure” and thus were allowed to continue to work during the “stay-at-home” period. Thanks to our members for making your voices heard to help make our industries essential.

The year 2020 brought on unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic and ACCO and PHCC Ohio Members had to endure unforeseen circumstances and lead in new ways while keeping employees and clients safe.

The ACCO and PHCC Ohio of the Year Awards recognize the contractor and associate members that have a proven track record of supporting, promoting and advocating for the association, our membership and the HVACR and Plumbing Industries. The Contractor and Associate of the Year are honored and recognized as the best of the best in Ohio.

It’s my pleasure to announce that ALL ACCO and PHCC Contractors and Associate Members are named 2020 Contractor and Associate of the Year!


Rocco Fana Jr, Executive Director

Presented to all ACCO Member Contractors!

Presented to all ACCO Member Contractors!

2020 ACCO Contractor of the Year

Presented to all ACCO Associate Members

Presented to all ACCO Associate Members

2020 ACCO Associate of the Year


Contractor of the Year Winners

2019 Ken Tucker; 2018 Bruce Beckwith; 2017 Brian Stack; 2016 Ed Reid; 2015 Jeff Reed; 2014 George Brockman, Jr.; 2013 Mark Swepston; 2012 Al DiLauro; 2011 Paul Wadsworth; 2010 Gary Jackson & John Walter; 2009 Greg Leisgang; 2008 Greg Harnist; 2007 Joe Wenger; 2006 Deborah Ratcliff; 2005 Tom Tanner; 2004 Tim Volpone; 2003 Frank Alexander; 2002 John R. Horger; 2001 Scott Robinson;


Supplier of the Year Winners

2019 Bill Schmutte, Habegger Corp; 2018 John Marshal, Ferguson; 2017 Kelly Denk, CareWorks; 2016 Stu Bennett, Famous Supply; 2015 Brenda Lucas and Jeff Holben, Honeywell; 2014 Gayle Williams, 2J Supply; 2013 Cindy Griffin, Refrigeration Sales Corp; 2012 John Kennedy, Speedway; 2011 Carr Supply; 2010 Sam McDonald, Honeywell; 2009 Warren Farr III, Refrigeration Sales Corp; 2008 Federated Insurance; 2007 Claude Kobernik, Famous Supply; 2006 Judi Pacileo, R. E. Michel; 2005 Habegger Corp;



Chapter of the Year Winners

2019 Akron / Cleveland ACCA

2017 Air Conditioning Contractors of Central Ohio